“Our Clients appreciate the choice & flexibility that White Chameleon Entertainment provides when they're planning their event - Big, small, long, or short, every event gets treated equally.”


Owner, Founder of WCE

White Chameleon Entertainment is primarily a Full Mobile DJ Service for any indoor/outdoor event. 


We are constantly looking to network with other professionals in the entertainment business, making it easier for our clients to find all their needs in one place. As we partner with individuals we ensure that they have the same goal in mind as us, to provide professional service at an affordable price.


Events we cover

Weddings • Parties • Birthdays • Graduations • Celebrations • School Dances & More!


We can provide all genres of music! 

Top40 • Hip Hop • Rock • Country • Latin • EDM • Jazz • Etc


How We Work

We offer professional set-up & DJ at half the price of other Companies. We customize every event to fit your needs from Budget, Music, Lighting, DJ, MC, Set-up & More.


Get the benefits of 10+yrs of Mobile DJing experience and the comfort knowing that your event will be a success! Not only does our entertainment surpass our competition, we also lock in every gig with a contract so you don't get last minute cancelations. 


We don't set hourly limits which means you can book us for an hour, or as many hours needed to keep planning easy.


Did you have a DJ cancel? We also do last minute events and turn what could of been a disaster into one of the best experiences you and your guests could ask for! 


When it comes to music we cover all genres for all ages, making any event music friendly for all who attend.


Our mission is to provide you with the best service and save you money at the same time!

The Company

White Chameleon Entertainment

   Established in Portland Oregon in January of 2015, The purpose of the company is to provide professional Mobile DJ Services for public, private, & corporate events.


   Delivering outstanding performances for a fraction of the price compared to other DJ's in the Portland Metro Area, is what the company does BEST! Not only does WCE save you money, but we also carry a variety of special effect fixtures to adapt to any event; making a small simple event feel like an out of this world experience, and larger events everything you asked for! 


   The Company's name, White Chameleon, supports our ability to be versatile and adaptable for events and customer needs. By providing packages instead of charging by the 'type of event' (personal vs. corporate) everyone can choose what they want to pay for. 





Provide outstanding service & professional entertainment for your event!



 Adapt to your events, making sure the music reflects your specific theme or demographic, whatever it may be!



Success is only achieved when our clients are satisfied!




We strive to keep our prices along with services affordable and unbeatable!




Smiling about, and enjoying the thoughts of your event long after its over!



Born in July 1988,

in Oregon, young entrepreneur DC has a Degree in Integrated Media Broadcasting - Television/Radio. At the age of 13 he was introduced to a radio disc jockey who sparked his dream of becoming a DJ. He later found himself starting his DJ career at the age of 16 in southern Oregon. Relocating to Portland, he began to network with local musicians and entertainment companies to get an insight of the PDX lifestyle. 

   His past experiences include DJing at radio stations, night clubs, Portland Community College, Portland State University, weddings, private parties, birthdays, community events, & various corporate events. 

DC has committed full time to his business and improving his community through the power of music and a positive atmosphere. By starting a successful business in something he loves, he hopes to give back to his community by donating profits, and creating events to help struggling students, school music programs, the homeless, and restoring strength in other local businesses. 

   A proud father and happily married, the future for this entrepreneur and his new business will continue to develop a bigger presence in the area as he is not afraid to compete with the bigger companies. He stands confident that the underdog will triumph on his journey to provide excellent service and professional entertainment that is AFFORDABLE for all!